A Culture of Excellence

posted on 6 Mar 2021

Successful leaders across industries devote an inordinate amount of time on something as intangible as culture. That’s because culture is the biggest leverage to bootstrap a virtuous cycle of creating and compounding value. A culture of excellence can produce value for it’s customers that can far outstrip the competition. The gains of creating this value, such as financial resources, talent pool and market share loop back into the organization and have a compounding effect on creating even more value for customers.

Deep Work with Micro-Frictions

posted on 23 Jan 2021



“How do I …”

Building Trust with Empathy

posted on 3 Jan 2021

Have you ever joined a new job or team and wondered, how do I build trust with my team? If your work requires collaboration, this is an inevitable question. Building trust is a crucial milestone for any new role. It is tempting to think the answer is simple - do good work. Good work is important, though rarely enough. Gaining trust requires changing people’s beliefs, no easy feat. Trust takes a lot of work for it is valuable currency.

Refactor of Work

posted on 1 Jul 2020

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote-first or remote-friendly policies by many tech companies. If this gains critical mass, it will be a disruptive change that impacts work as we know it today. However, our industry does not yet have the same breadth and scale of collective experience to identify processes, tools and cultures that will thrive in this environment.